Goals has to be defined; the strategy can change. This is because the strategy for general trade differs from modern trade. It is also to be noted that the moment we think of entering the HORECA channel, we are talking another type of strategy. Sharp Consulting and Implementing Company is one of the few companies that has wide array of knowledge and experience in diverse channels to help you enter into each of these channels.

Everything revolves around the product. We are a marketing and sales consultant create the system that make the product accessible to the customer. But once the product is lifted, the product has to delivery. Therefore, the most important requirement is that the product must be excellent. The second is people. They are the brand ambassadors of any product. It is through their network that the product gets placed. Companies have to ensure their consistency because the retailer dislikes to see new faces and question the stability factory. Sharp Consulting and Implementing Company takes up project only after testing the products and our good-will helps us in getting good people on board.

To get a good distributor on board is a task. The big distributor takes less interest in a new business as the initial volumes are less. Small distributors have issues with credit. Therefore, it is better to have mid-sized distributors. The initial few years are challenging for new brand but it is in the third year that brands distribution models, gets aligned to a great extent. Sharp Consulting and Implementing Company has built a strong brand equity for themselves, which acts as a catalyst to get good distributors on board.

Brand launches are very slow and a very expensive process. It takes a lot of time to convince the customer to buy a brand. Once he has purchased, it is important for him to comeback asking for the product. With so many brands around, the customer is always confused, therefore, it is important to keep him reminding, which is a costly affair. Therefore, it must be remembered that more than money creating a new brand is all about patience. Sharp Consulting and Implementing Company take all the measures correctly to get to create a business so strong that customer comes back to store asking for the brand.

Any business that is done without a plan is futile. We create a business plan to generate a base volume. Once the base is reached, we move to targeting. Sharp Consulting and Implementing Company does not move into business without making a plan. First we make the plan, then we make the plan work.

Yes, it does give an initial push. But the moment the discount is taken out, the sales drop. Why? Because by giving discounts you never create a loyal customer. Moreover, once a brand is tagged as discounted, it is very difficult to sell it in full rates. Sharp Consulting and Implement Company helps in devising the right pricing strategy to secure gross margins.

Yes. Before a full rollout in the market a new product must be tested atleast for 2-3 months in limited area with limited outlets. This is because market behaves in a very different way, no matter how much we try to avoid, unfavorable circumstance does come on the way. Correction becomes easy in a controlled environment. Sharp Consulting and Implementing Company has all the know how to test products in a controlled business territory before expanding.

The first task for any new market entrant is to place the product, promote the product till you create the base. Once you make the base, then you can talk on sales. Sharp Consulting and Implementing Company helps in creating the base that will help companies to get compounding growth in years to come.

According to me, general trade is a better choice to enter rather than modern trade. General trade has seen a robust change in the last 10 years. Most of GT outlets behave like modern trade stores. This should be the first target, then as demand starts being created, the next move should be modern trade.

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