Launching a brand is a very meticulous process. There is no area that can be left open when you are serious of making an entry in the market. The launch is basically a process that happens in three phases.

Phase one is the pre-launch process – where every small details such a packing, shelf life, strategy and many more plays a role of pivot importance. These have to be accurate, for if you make a mistake, it may prove to be futile. Sharp Consulting and Implementing company in the past has proven to be life saver for many companies by making the correct moves right at the beginning.

The second is the launch process. This is all about implementation. It is easier said than done. Sharp with the massive experience and knowledge backing them, keep the implementation in mind before making any plans. That is the reason why almost all the launches made by us were successful.

The last stage is post launch process. As you move in the market, the competitors will not keep quiet. This stage is a stage of continuous progression, where a company has to evolve according to market behavior. For most companies who think, that they don’t have competition must know, that someone may be incubating to evolve on the USP founded by you.


Any established company who has reached a certain level wants to scale up and sometime finds it a task to move to the next level. It is not very difficult. Scaling up is the result of the past efforts that you have taken. If you are smart enough, then by making smart moves you can with less effort increase your business.
Sharp Consulting and Implementing Company, knows exactly what has to be done to scale up the business. We won’t say that it is easy, but we will say that it is not as challenging as it seems. Proven techniques when implemented correctly can give you the much-needed growth that you have been aiming for.


Many have paid the price of doing it the wrong way. Those who want to move in speed sometimes end up losing a lot in return. We must know that building a brand is a very slow process. No matter how much you push you will not be able to force a customer to buy you brand. The strategy has to be made in such a way that the customer comes asking for your product. The core problem of struggling companies is that the business plan revolves around everything but the customer.

Re-Launch is a little difficult process than launch. This is because of the obvious reason – you have to go back to the same outlet where you once launched the brand. Then you have to make the customer believe in you to come and lift the brand. Vijay Sokhi, founder of Sharp Consulting and Implementing Company, during his corporate career has shouldered the responsibility of re-launching the brand Typhoo and Vegit. Amongst the two, Typhoo has been a great success.

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